We have established ourselves as one of the leading developers of new technology in our arena. We continue to push the boundaries of technology developing exciting and innovative products for the global market.

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Starkor Manufacturing has been designing and producing custom sewn soft-sided cases for a diversified group of customers in the technical and medical industries since 1976. Custom sewn case products include medical cases and technical instrument cases, pouches, bags, wallets, totes, covers, straps, blood pressure cuffs and various other case accessory items.

Custom sewing of your case products in the USA means...

  • The Highest Quality Custom Sewn

  • Low Minimum Case Quantities

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Fast Turn Around

Starkor serves a diversified group of customers in the Technical and Medical Industries with custom designed and produced case products such as soft sided equipment cases, instrument pouches, kits, and a variety of straps, as well as an array of accessory items.

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