At Starkor Manufacturing, we use several types of nylon and vinyl materials for constructing your custom case, bag or pouch:

Truck Tarp - PVC material laminated to polyester, which makes it very durable and waterproof. The material can be silkscreened with a logo, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Expanded Vinyl - Leather look-alike, with a woven backing. Expanded vinyl provides some protection from moisture, can be silk screened or foil stamped and comes in many colors. We also use other types of vinyl that have a non woven backing that provides a small amount of padding.

600 Denier Polyester - With a laminated vinyl backing, this is the most waterproof woven material we use.

1000 Denier Nylon Cordura - Abrasion resistant, often used for luggage. It has some water resistance, is easy to clean, and can be laminated to foam.

Packcloth Nylon - Can be used as lining, or outer material in small cases. It can be laminated to open cell foam, and silk-screens well.

Regency Nylon - A 70 denier nylon with a laminated plastic backing. Regency nylon provides some water protection, can be silkscreened or foil stamped. It is not designed for heavy wear.

Contact Us today and learn how we can help you with our custom sewn soft-sided cases, medical cases, straps, and custom sewing capabilities.


Starkor protects your custom case products with the highest quality foam padding.

Open Cell Foam - The least expensive way to provide protection. It can absorb moisture..

Closed Cell Foam - Provides structure and protection. It will not absorb water.

Hardware and Fasteners

Starkor protects your custom case products with the highest quality foam padding.

• Zippers • Velcro Hook and Loop • Snaps • Grommets
• Rivets • Swivel Snap-on Hooks • Buckles


Starkor can silkscreen or stamp your logo on your custom case.

Silk-screening - 18 point or larger type. We use an air dry process for maximum durability.

Foil Stamping - This is a heat process, using a metal plate to apply bright metallic type or art. Our most popular colors are silver and gold.

Embroidery - Our commercial grade Embroidering machine can produce and change any image or logo into a work of art .



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