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In 1976, Starkor emerged from the "Vinyl Bag Works Company" to a company recognized for superior custom design capability and producing custom case products to meet the most stringent level of specifications and quality standards.

Starkor serves a diversified group of customers in the Technical and Medical Industries with custom designed and produced case products such as soft sided equipment cases, instrument pouches, kits, and a variety of straps, as well as an array of accessory items.

In addition, Starkor is a major OEM supplier of Blood Pressure cuffs (BP cuffs) that include a variety of Bladders, Tubes, Hoses, as well as a broad range of connectors, to meet the diversified needs of our OEM Medical Device customers.

Product Development

Starkor has a Design Team in place that can respond to product development needs and/or engineering changes on a timely basis. Prototypes are developed immediately and without charge for qualified clients.

Manufacturing capabilities include designing and working with a broad range of materials and processes including sewing, heat sealing, decorative, packaging, etc., meeting a wide range of market needs.

Get a Free Prototype in 10 Days

Starkor spends considerable time "up front" with every new product. We examine the size and weight of the product; how and where the case will be used; what the other items are that the case needs to hold, (i.e., batteries, manuals, and cords). With this knowledge in hand, we consider the protection, convenient access, and appearance of your product's custom sewn case.

When you order, we ship you a "first article" for approval. That way, you know exactly what your finished case product looks like. The process is simple. All the work falls to Starkor. I am sure we will more than meet your needs.

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ISO Quality

Major customers do periodic on-site inspection and evaluation. Starkor enjoys a "Certified Supplier Status," a designation for the highest quality level. Starkor has maintained the Certified Supplier Status for over 10 years. Those granting the "Certified Supplier Status" are ISO Certified. In addition, Starkor adheres to a 100%Starkor ships on time, guaranteed Inspection Quality Assurance Program.

We Ship on Time, GUARANTEED

An analysis of our shipping history shows that we ship on time 100% of the time. If we miss by even ONE day, your bill is reduced by 25%.


Starkor is not an average company. All of our employees have a financial stake in our company. When you partner with us, all our skills, knowledge, talents and efforts will be directed at doing what you need, within your budget.

We have a culture of innovation where our employees can make a difference and we are looking for like minded, dynamic individuals to come and join our rapidly expanding team.


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